Queens DWI DA Procedure


The Queens District Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting DWI cases in Queens. They prosecute both felony and misdemeanor cases. The Queens DA is named Richard Brown and as the DA he sets the policies for his office. The DA is popularly elected in Queens.

The most important factor that is used in whether to give a defendant a plea deal is the level of BAC in the blood as determined by the breathalyzer machine. If a person has a reading of .15 or higher, the prosecutor will most likey not offer a non-criminal violation and will force the defendant to take a criminal record or face a trial. If there has been an accident, there will also not be an offer to plead to a lesser offense.

In felony cases, the prosecutor may offer to give a defendant an alcohol program, but of there has been an accident in the case, he may only accept a felony plea. Plea discussions can take place at any point in the case. It is the job of the defense attorney to obtain the best deal possible for his client. Many times, the client can be presented in a more positive light, thus obtaining a better deal from the prosecutor.

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